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LAMOSA USA ® is porcelanite LAMOSA group’s US Division. One of the world’s greatest ceramic and porcelain manufacturer. With presence and leadership in Mexico and south America.


A Signature Brand of Lamosa Group's US Division. Lamosa Group is one of the globe'spremier manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain, showcasing leadership and aninfluential presence in Mexico, Spain, and South America.


Lamosa Group, with a rich history extendingover 130 years, is the premier coverings company in the Americas. Originating in 1890 as Compañía Manufacturera de Ladrillos de Monterrey, it distinguished itself as Mexico's first manufacturer of tiles, floors, and mud blocks by 1933.Transitioning into Grupo Lamosa S.A de C.V in the 1990s, it upheld international quality standards. Currently, the company is focused on coverings and ceramic adhesives, boasting a strong presence in Mexico, Peru,Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Spain.


For the smart and stylish, the urban innovators.

The ones who know that a blank space is an opportunity to express themselves. The ones who believe design is not unattainable, but a matter of good and smart taste.


To offer high quality in our product portfolio, along with an aesthetic point of view.

Keeping our clients updated with the latest trends without overlooking the all time classics, helping them feel confident and assured of choosing our lines and our partnership.