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The Four Best Color Palettes for 2021

Hey there! We’re excited to introduce you to the new Lamosa USA blog! A space where we’ll share with you essential tips and trends on interior design. Without further ado let’s start with our first theme. The color trends of what you should definitely use on your ownspaces.

Like most of us, this year we’ve been sitting in our living and workingspaces, watching the same boring walls over and over till’ you ask yourself more than once “what can I do to make my house look comfyand brighter?” Well, we’re here to help, let us show you what you can do to create a whole new different atmosphere in your space.

For this season we have 4 different color palettes that you will love andwant to add onto your spaces right the way!

First of all we have Blue.

This color has been one of the favorites for the last couple of years, and we totally know why! Doesn’t matter if it is navy tones, lightblue, even the deeper blue is a great option to create some vibrantmood in any space. Blue color is really easy to incorporate onto anykind of style. You can feel the electricity and the neutrality that blue has to offer.

But blue doesn’t work for itself right? Here’s our best advice to mixand match blue in any of your rooms.

Blue + White

This mix comes to us from  the beautiful beach of Mykonos, a whole feeling of freshness and lightness floods the room. It’s a great option to use in a bathroom, or a children’s room. You can add some sand or beige shades in furniture or accents to complement the blue and make it a little warmer.

Furniture and choice

Blue + Orange.

Warmtones can definitely be combined with more warm tones! Make this funny contrast with this amazing eclecticism combination. Imagine aliving room full of those vibrant colors. Hey! Here’s an extra tip,it’s a must have to include cool lighting to embrace these colors.

Blue+ Red

Where are the creative people at? If you’re a fan of bold colors, and crazy experiments you will love this combination. A whole modern and unique mood, forget about that patriotic feeling, these colors took on a whole different vibe, add some splash on red in details, like the furniture or fabrics and let the blue soak in your space in allthat magic.

To perfectly blend this vibrant color we recommend a concrete tile, just like our Everest tile in a 24x24 in or if you like a bigger format you can also find it in 24x36in available in grey, beige, grafito and bone tones.

Blush Pink.

Such a naive and beautiful, soft and delicate color, we’re obsessed with Blush Pink. We have seen this color heavily featured in interior design this past years, we know, but honestly, this tone seems to bea main character for decoration.

Here’s some tips and tricks to use this color and create a whole new look for any of your spaces.

⁃ It doesn’t have to go harder.

You don’t want to paint a whole wall with this color because it’s too risky? That’s fine, just add some pillow accentor fabrics or art wall instead, this will enhance any style that you want to create

⁃ Pink Walls.

This color is the key to create a super calming and relaxing room. Take off a pale pink tone with some white accents, and make a beautiful combination for a bedroom. A bathroom or a kitchen wall would be the best choice to use this color.

⁃Add some metallics!

Metals are so in for decoration right now, even better if it’s a rose gold metallic accent. From pots and coasters to lamps and legs of furniture, metallics are the best choice to create industrial style interiors.

Want to try Blush Pink at your home? try mixing it up with natural materials, such as wood. The combination of texture and colors that wood has to offer mix perfectly with the Blush Pink. Our Biology tile is one of your best options, the variation of colors that Biology has to offer will enhance the color and the atmosphere of any of your rooms. This tile is available in 8x48 in format and you can use it for floor and walls.


Full of life and good energy, the color olive is one of our favorites to fill your spaces with calm, and inspiring vibes. This color goes well with a living room or a bedroom, creating a whole natural atmosphere adding some plants and terracotta pots. Now, you’ll wonder, how can you use this color to enhance your spaces? Take a seat and let your inspiration flow.


Velvet + Olive, exactly. That’s it! This color and fabric combination drives us crazy ‘cause it has a very sophisticated but relaxed look.

⁃Patterns in fabrics.

Can you imagine a very detailed olive green wallpaper in your wall? It’s a very refined way to use this color and to be honest your wall’s going to be thanking you for classing it up.


⁃Olive accents

Art walls are the key to create a minimalistic but vibrant mood for anyspace. The little accents you can add to your spaces will enhance the natural and earthy looks that it’s so in for this year.

Our recommendation to add and enhance  this color on your spaces, is for sure Boreas, a tile with a marble look. Boreas will complement the elegance and natural feel of this color. Boreas is available in12x24 in and 24x24 in.

Last but not least, we have a color we’re totally in love with: Terracotta. This warm color takes you to the warm and cozy Middle East, a color highly related to the desert, nature, and the colors of the African earthand soil. The combination between brown and orange helps to create a modern and warm result at the same time. Just the same as blue, you can add Terrracotta to add some accents or a full-wall color.

You can easily combine this color with this three tones in particular:

Dusty Pink.

We’re totally sure you have seen this amazing palette before. Create a modern, elegant and feminine style with neutral and light tones, add some natural elements like furniture or accents to fully incorporate the color.

Terracotta + grey.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, this combination of colors is your best choice. The match between the dark and clean grey plus the warm and soft terracotta will create a sober, elegant, andsophisticated room.

Terracotta + blue.

Maybe this combination will be a little more difficult than the others but the match you can create with the palette is marvelous! Combining the warm and cold effect of the colors helps to create an interesting atmosphere that contrasts elegant and modern in one swiftstroke. Psst! The key is adding some wood plank to the floor. You can try it with the Vanwood tile, it’s an incredible option to wear some wood for a low price. Vanwood is available in 8x36 in and you can find it in Haya, Nogal and Cherry tones.

So, what do you think about these colors for the next season? Let us know your comments and if you’re going to use any of these combos or have used them before make sure to send us a picture of your finishing results. We love what you guys come up with! For more information and hacks about decoration and interior design, please follow us on  social media! You can find us as @lamosausa. We hope you enjoyed this blog, we’ll see you on the next one and remember to stay safe!

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